Wednesday, 15 July 2015

More bunting

I thought I'd offer an alternative name bunting for Spencer's auction, one where the letters were embroidered on to traditional triangular bunting flags.    I decided to do an example using baby pink fabrics and picked the baby grand-niece of one of my best friends.

In the end I used two different dress templates instead of triangles, as there was more room for lettering this way.

It took a lot longer to make each piece than I anticipated. With the alphabet bunting, I can put the back and front piece of fabric on at the same time and sew them on in one step. (Then take off the hoop, trim the fabric both sides, then rehoop to do decorative stitching).   With this embroidered bunting I have to attach the front fabric, then sew it on, then embroider the letter, then take off the hoop,  attach the back fabric, re-hoop, and sew it on; then take it off, trim the fabric both sides, and then rehoop for the final decorative stitches.   So, it's an extra hooping/unhooping step, plus the extra time for doing the letter.  Each piece is about 6500 stitches.

I've decided I won't be offering this as an option for the auction, but it is quite sweet,

Hopefully baby Larna (or her parents) will like it.

I'm pretty buntinged out now.

I'm almost embroidered out actually, but I have a couple of things I'd like to get done.

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