Thursday, 9 July 2015

Oh No! I've killed Kevin!

Kevin was 10?  years old, maybe older.

I'd neglected him a lot over the last few years, leaving him in a jar in the fridge and changing his milk only every couple of weeks.   Suprisingly he didn't die of neglect.

I was changing his milk. He was in a sieve waiting to go into a clean jar. I tipped the sieve over to shake him into the new jar, and he fell on the floor. Splot!

Our kitchen floor isn't filthy - in fact, I'd only washed it that morning - but it is a high traffic area.  As well as us and the cats, we have all the cats "friends" that they bring home to play, and the occasional chicken.

I scooped him up and, for a moment, thought about rinsing him under the tap and hoping for the best.  He came all the way from Australia, when it was very difficult to get any of his kind here.  It seemed suh a shame to just...throw him away.

The fact that I'd washed the floor was almost worse, as the thought of growing Kevin with attached floor cleaner wasn't appetising. However, good hygiene is essential.  And, I told myself, you can get it easily in the UK now.

So in the bin he went, and I placed an online order for some more.

Poor Kevin. 

Let's hope the new Kefir tastes OK when it arrives.

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