Thursday, 23 July 2015

Chicks and Stuff

The chicks have had another development spurt.

The two little Araucanas went to bed one night still looking like chicks;  when they came down the ladder the next morning they had turned into miniature Araucanas. Facially, they are like adult birds now.

Wilma the Wyandotte (who may or may not be a she) is shaping up nicely.  S/he is the most nervous of all 10 chicks, and won't even eat out of my hand.   I suspect she is a she, so I need to work on getting her less nervous.

 Cheeky Punky Monkey continues to be delightful. Still no idea about gender.

And someone, probably Pugsley the Maran has started Kazooing.  I keep hoping that, despite the early and enormous comb and wattles, Pugsley will be a girl.  He does stand more like a girl. Mostly.  Except that as I look back through my photos, I can't see anyof him standing like a girl.
Pugsley, bottom left corner
We are , of course, getting the bosom bumping and little spats that occur as they try to sort out the pecking order.  Mostly, however, they are all happy together

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