Saturday, 1 August 2015


We're getting ready for the "All Change" tomorrow.

This morning I had the bright idea of relocating Fay* (the Fayoumi) and Fleur* (the cuckoo Maran)'s Go so that it runs alongside the pen of the other chicks.  I am very aware that from a biosecurity point of view this is a reckless thing to do, but as I plan to be putting Fay/Fleur in with (the as yet unnamed) Appenzeller and Araucana tomorrow, it's not going to make any difference).
(*I'm trying these names on at the moment)

I had to empty out the feeder. and then try to extricate the two girls. I managed to catch Fay and put her in the cat carrier;  Fleur did a runner, right past a shocked Gloria.  I tried to catch her but it was hopeless, so I left her to it while I moved the Go. Gloria was too surprised at the audacity of the young whippersnapper to do anything.
Chick city
When it was all set up I managed to lose Fay, so I had two scared, small, not hand tamed, chickens running around the garden.  Eventually I managed to catch Fleur (the Marans), and put her in the Go.  Then I managed to walk Fay round so that she found the open Go door and went in of her own accord.

Next, DH removed the pigeon netting from the fruit cage. We need to mow really, but I don't want to do that just yet, as we have to mow right up to where the Go now is.  Zero points to me for forward planning.

I've prepared a box to transport the 8 evacuees.  I cut little caravan windows around the sides to give them as much air flow as possible.  We can also use the cat carrier if necessary.

The current Plan is that we will move the Evacuees to the allotment,  shut them in the coop there while we do the daily tasks, then let them out.   We'll have to go back in the evening to make sure they have managed to get themselves to bed.

Then on our return home, the Cube which is currently the residence of the Araucana and the Appenzeller, who will have no doubt be wondering what on earth has happened,  will be wheeled to a new area bu the fruit cage.  We'll then shut all 4 girls in it for a short time,  then let them out.  And then we'll see what happens next.

They'll stay together in the Cube until they are old enough to withstand harassment from 2 big girls.  I don't know how bad Gloria will be,  she's top hen and she knows it; She's also got accustomed to the chicks being around, although we've never let them mix without having netting between. 

Poppy, however, has been bottom hen twice, and will want to make sure it doesn't happen again.  She's also been broody for the entire time the chicks have been in the garden, so isn't used to seeing them around. For the few minutes she spends out of the nest box each day, she lunges at any chicks who happen to stray near to the netting.  She may be take a while to get accept them.

Anyway, that's some weeks away.

One day at a time.

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