Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More rabbit

DH came back from parent-sitting on Saturday.  Later that afternoon, he was busy in the garden: sorting out the greenhouse, harvesting the garlic, etc etc.  He spotted something big and brown out of the corner of his eye, and came in to tell me he needed to collect a rat trap from the allotment.

The bunny reappeared on Sunday.

This was again courtesy of Wash, who tried to sneak his prize in without us noticing.  He left it go in the hall, and DH and I spent a farcical couple of minutes trying to catch it.  It was unharmed.

It was, presumably, the "rat" that DH thought he saw.  We don't have any other wild bunnies in the garden, so we decided to let it go on the recreation ground.  We're assuming that's where Wash had caught it originally.

I hope it's OK.  It certainly hasn't reappeared.

Hearing a ruckus and fearing that Izzy was having a fit,  DH got up at 3.30 to see what was going on.  It wasn't Izzy, it was a mouse.

Wash is very good at catching things, but he's not very good at keeping them (or killing them). I'm a little bit ashamed that I am proud of his ability,  although of course I wish he wouldn't do it.  At least with the mice, there are plenty of them and they reproduce quickly.  I really hate (and am not in the least proud) if and when he catches birds. Apart from, perhaps, his attempts to catch pigeons.

It turned out that Izzy had had a fit as well, but we couldn't see it on either camera.  She's having them in a slightly different place now. I need to leave a light on I think, then we will at least see the shadows of it.
This is her 3rd fit in 4 days, and I would have thought that the antibiotics would have kicked in by now. (The antibiotics are to resolve her urinary infection; the urinary infection is preventing absorption of the phenobarb which prevents her fits).

DH caught the mouse and released it over the fence.  It hasn't reappeared yet, so I'm hoping it got away.

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