Friday, 26 June 2015

Easily bought

I bought some mini mealworms for the chicks (and Gloria and Poppy).  It was a deliberate attempt at bribery.  Eat from my hand, have a mealwork. Let me stroke you, have a mealworm.  Now let me pick you up, have a mealworm.

Today was the second day of educating them. 

It worked really well - almost too well - with the 5 big chicks and with the Maran.  Too well, because I had to keep pushing them out of the way to let the Tinies have some.

One of the Lavender araucanas and the Wyandotte were reasonably easily persuaded to eat out of my hand, but would not succumb to the stroking.  Teh other araucana and the Appenzeller would not eat out of my hand.


This evening, catching the big chicks and the Maran was so easy.

Catching the others - not so much.

One of the araucanas snatched a worm, but wouldn't eat it while I was carrying it.  I stood him/her in the mealworm box and he flicked the worm fully into his beak straightaway.

Tomorrow is another day.

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