Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hair fail

I went to a fifties hair pin-up thing.  Only an hour, learn how to do some of the classic fifties hairstyles.

I delayed going to the hairdresser so that the hair on the top of my head would be longer.  My hair needs colouring, but the curls hide a lot of the lurking grey.

A few days before the course, an email with a shopping list arrived.   A smoothing brush. Hmm. My hair doesn't get brushed, it ruins the curls; Pomade. Hmmm (Its made from a mixture of vaseline and wax).     Never mind, it's only one evening.  Bobby Pins - no problem.   A barber comb... I ordered the one from the link provided. When it arrived, I laughed out loud.  No way is a comb that fine going to get through my hair.

2 days before, another email.  Bring hairspray (and scarves if you wish).  I was about 12 last time I used hairspray on my hair, and that was because I wanted my hair to bounce the way the "Is she or isn't she?" girl's did.  I do know that Elnett is meant to be one of the best, so I bought that. It was a bit more expensive than the Harmony (or whatever it was) 38 years ago.

And I went along.

It did not go well.

Not their fault at all. They tried to help. I had an inkling that this wasn't going to go so well when they used straighteners on my fringe before we started.   I knew I was in trouble when the demo started, and I realised that I'd never "sectioned" my hair,  nor back-combed any of it, or anything.   (I haven't even used a hairdryer on my hair for more than 25 years). Ihave no experience of "styling" it to do anything other than what it wants to do.

My fringe was too short.      When it came to the side rolls. my hair was too curly.   I couldn't understand how they were rolling it.  Someone showed me.  I just couldn't get my hands to do it (I've since worked out where I was going wrong). 

The other girls styles worked really well.  Mine was a disaster.    I should have straightened all my hair before I went, and I might have had a chance.

But probably not.

I tried to straighten it with the smoothing god, the grey roots stand out on straight hair.

My hair smells of pomade and Elnett. My heated fringe has collapsed into a triangle the middle of my forehead, like a horse's forelock. My desperately brushed sides are trying to curl but are neither one thing nor the other at the moment.

At home, I stood in front of the mirror and eventually worked out what I was doing wrong with the finger rolling.. I might try it on my hair when my hair is back to normal.

I've eaten 2 Mars bars in a vain attempt to cheer myself up.

Actually that's not quite true. I ate 1 Mars Bar because I was feeling sorry for myself.  I then ate the 2nd one because I was annoyed at myself for eating the first one.

I'll feel better tomorrow.

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