Friday, 12 June 2015


A busy month for cards.

These are all quite high density stitches - even the "Dad" card - so I couldn't stitch them directly on to the card.

I used a double layer of stabiliser for the first two, then cut it out and stuck it to the card with Pritt. It was impossible to get it flat and unpuckered.

I guess I'll have to rely on  "the thought counts"

A father's day design (for my dad, obvs).  The letters came from Britt Designs

Then a "thank you card" for a fellow chicken keeper who is doing me an immense favour on Sunday:

 I read on one of the Facebook groups that felt works better.  Felt isn't cheap, but I did happen to have a few rolls (bought from the excellent  This lady is now my first port of call for anything felt-y).

I didn't have much white, so I picked a colour I had quite a lot of, and made this for my brother:
I trimmed a bit too close to the design, but there wasn't much puckering.    (The "I" is the same design as the fathers day card,  the other lettering was one of the fonts in my embroidery software).

The rest of my embroidery stuff this week has been related to a banner,  I've sill got lots to do so it may be some time before I get to post a pic.

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