Monday, 15 June 2015


Poor Izzy has had several fits recently.

She had one (plus a subsequent petit mal) last Friday, and then another one this morning.   Luckily we had a Vet appointment today anyway for her monthly B12 injection, so we talked about her fits and whether she might have an infection.

The Vet did some tests and poor little baby does have a really severe urinary infection.  

I was relieved and actually let slip a "that's great, thank goodness".

I was relieved because urinary infections interfere with the epilepsy medication,  so having one present was likely to explain the recent episodes
An antibiotic injection then, as well as the B12.   I asked what we could do to try and prevent the infection - being a cat the obvious things (stop wearing tight clothes,  avoid bubble baths, avoid scented cleansers) don't really apply.  The practical things, like getting her to drink more, are easier said than done.  However, he did say we should make sure her toiletting area is raked and maybe screened might be worth trying.  We'd already tried a litter tray, and she won't use it unless she's locked in.

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