Tuesday, 23 June 2015

..and other crappy things

Now that the parcel had vbeen delivered, I rushed outside to see the chicks.

I'd put the outside Hen on at lunchtime, in case the weather warmed up enough to get the chicks out for a bit.  It was probably warm enough to get them out for an hour.

I opened the door to the brooder, and started to catch the chicks. I catch the big ones first, putting then in a cardboard box to bring outside.  I catch the smaller ones in a separate trip.

When I leant down to pick up the first chick I saw, to my horror, a dead chick.

One of our own, home hatched ones.  The yellow one, offspring of Nora or Batty.

I suppressed a little shriek.

I carried on collecting the chicks, two trips and they were all outside.  I then went to get the body of the poor chick that died.  No obvious cause.  It was partially under the Hen, partially out;  no sign of trauma or attack.
No funny leg positioning or anything.

I've no idea what happened.

Poor little soul.

RIP yellow chick (left)

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