Thursday, 11 June 2015

Chicks - outside, and Gloria photobombs.

Today, at last, the weather was hot enough and still enough to put the chicks outside.

They had been outside once before, a few days ago, but the weather in between then and now has been horrible.

They are currently in a small area (don't want to overwhelm them with too much space yet); they have an electruc hen in the corner,  a dust bath, a swing (which they haven't discovered yet) plus of course food and water.

Gloria, the girl who came back from the allotment to keep Poppy company,  has been a bit lonely lately.  Poppy has gone broody, and so Glo is on her own a bit.   I've been letting her have the run of the garden so she can come and see me.

She was fascinated by the chicks today.  Either that, or she was fascinated by their food and was trying to work out how to get in.

She spent a lot of time munching the grass just outside the chicks area.  Then she started photobombing.

We sat together for a little while. She's very hot, so I fed her some cucumber

When she had finished with the cucumber, she went back to watching the chicks.

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