Monday, 25 August 2014

Still trying to catch up

DH has been away, doing th ebuild up for a festival,  so the garden has been neglected.  The strange weathr has caused it to grow dramatically,  and it's like something out of a fairy tale in places.

I started hacking back the pampas grass.  I went round the base once,; despite earing a shirt and gloves I still managed to get pampas-lash,  including a particularly nasty one across my bottom lip.  The green waste bin was full to bursting, so I stopped.

Some days later,  I did round two.  I now have a green waste bin that has been filled again, and a one-tonne white bag full of pampas.... plus a couple of other things.  The bay tree I cut down had started to sprout, and had suddently grown up again.  I cut it righr back.  I also had to take out some holly and parts from the adjacent shrubs at the same time.

I cut the pampas back a little more, and a little higher, so that I could move the fencing.  I can't believe how much lighter it is,  whilst still providing dappled shade for the Girls.  I can see that it needs to go back even further - I've unearthed a log I put under there ages ago, which used to be right on the outside of, it's still partially covered.      There are bits of pampass all over the grass, but I'd had enough and had planned to rake the remainder up today.

I also got the shrub book out to see about pruning back the hypericum (St John's Wort) and the lacecap hydrangea which have been running rampant on the driveway.  Both need to be pruned in March, not now, so I guess that saved me a job.

I was set to finally clear up the pampas bits today, before DH returns tomorrow.

Except of course that today it's pouring with rain.

Could be worse.  At least I did the allotment chickens' weekly  mucking out yesterday.  That's not much fun in the rain.

It's not much fun in the dry of course.

But little things...

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