Sunday, 17 August 2014

Coxtail Cocktails

We looked at our cocktail menu, and decided we'd better start with something fairly easy to get us into the swing, and then do the more complicated ones - on the basis that as the time (well, our consumption) progressed, there was a chance that we'd be less able to concentrate.

In the 2 hours we made 7 cocktails,  one of them we made twice,  and I had to have a short break in the middle.

We made:
Long Island Iced Tea
(yum!  I'm really surprised as I don't like gin, I don't like tequila, and I don't like coca cola.)

Singapore Sling
(yum! Another surprise as  don't like gin)

Pina Colada
(Yuk. Not on my make-again list)
Raspberry Mojioto
(OK but prefer the standard Mojito. Athough I might try other variants)

Porn Star Martini
(Yum. Passoa here I come.)
Strawberry Martini
(Very OK, I would try with it other flavours especially as we grow fruit in the garden.)

and lastly, Yvonne's favouritre
Screaming Orgasm
Very good. I don't usually like creamy drinks, but this was most acceptable.

I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking,  and I know my limits.  So, I didn't finish any of the drinks we made, I just tasted them.   My "yums" (and the Screaming Orgasm) I probably drank half.  They really were delicious, and I could very easily have drunk them all, but then I wouldn't have been able to make notes on the drinks etc.

I've placed an order for delivery today, and it comprises alcohol and toilet rolls.

Goodness knows what the delivery driver is going to think of that!

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