Monday, 25 August 2014

Poor Izzy

12 days ago we took Izzy to the Vet so she could have a blood test to check the phenobarb levels in her system.  She'd had a few fits in between Vet visits, and we were wondering whether we ch/could increase her doseage. 

She'd lost a bit more weight.  The vet wanted to check various things, so he needed blood to get the phenobarb levels tested and to check for hyperthyroidism,  and urine to check kidney function and for possible diabetes.

They process the urine sample on site, but the blood has to be sent off.

The good news was that she isn't diabetic.

The less good news was that she had a rampant urinary infection.

The possible good news is that the urinary infection might be impacting on her fits, both making her more prone to fitting and preventing the phenobarb from working properly.  

She had an antiobiotic injection for the infection, with a follow up due today.   We had to wait a couple of days for the blood test results.

Good news - the phenobarb levels are OK, so we have a bit of  hearoom if we need to increase the dose.

Sort of good news - she has a hyperactive thyroid,  and Tim prescribed some tablets to help.  It's good news because it shows the reason for the weight loss, and it should be manageable with medication.

So, she was back to the Vet today, even though it was a bnk holiday.   Another urine test.  Some infections are resistant to some antibiotics (as I have found myself!).     Infection much reduced!  Second injection will be enough.

Still losing weight, which is not suprising as she hasn't been on the tablets for very long.  More tablets prescribed, and an appointment booked for September to do another blood test.  Finally, a quick trim of all her claws,  and we were done for the day.

Home in time for her her first dose of tablets for the day.   She's not been eating cheese lately,  luckily we discovered she has a taste for german sausage.  She's been having extrawurst or bierwurst twice a day for the past week or so. 

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