Sunday, 17 August 2014


Of course on Friday morning we were moving the LIttlees to the allotment.  We had to get up early to get everything fone, so I could be back in time to get cleaned and changed ready for Yvonne and brunch at 11.30.

Yvonne arrived promptly, with her car as I was taking Thermie with us in case we needed to blend any of the cocktails.  There was a minor change of plan.

Although the training was going to be from 1 til 3, Sam the Mixologist was going to arrive at 12.30 so he had 30 minutes to set up.

That didn't give us time to eat brunch at our local cafe.  It's all made to order, we'd planned a leisurely sit down, but we realised that the Sam, might be early.

We drove to the cafe. A cat ran in front of the car. Had we hit it?  We stopped. The cat ran off. I followed it - My own cat had once been hit by a car, was badly injuredm but had still run from the scene.   Lucjily for me a pedestrian who had witnessed the incident reassured me that the cat hadn't been hit.

We arrived at the cafe.  We went in to order our food "to go", and went back to the car to pick up the bag which had been thrown from the back seat ontot the floor, jettisoning its contents.

I had packed a box of 1000 straws.  I now picked up 500 of those straws from the car floor, trying to get them back into the box.  Everything else was undamaged.

We collected our food and coffee.  We were now hemmed in waiting for a supermarket lorry to make its delivery   Fortunately, the lorry realised that there was a long queue and it drove around the block.  We made our escape.  The coffee cups were full, and I was grateful that they were in a cardboard holder. If theyhadn't been, they would be all over the car by now.

We got home to Yvonne's,  ate our lunch, and Sam arrived.

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