Sunday, 17 August 2014


A couple of years ago (really? was it that long?!), my friend Yvonne and I sepent a day at Shaker Bar School on a cocktail masterclass.  We learned to make (Properly) a variety of cocktails, and variations on those cocktails.
Since then we've practised a bitm separately,  and we've practised together.  

Together (1)  was having a day where we re-made all the ones we liked, trying some variations.  We found a fatal flaw in this approach, which was we were physically limited to the number of variations we could try... or rather how well we were able to continue after we'd tried a few variations.  So, we tried a different approach for our second day together.

Together (2) had 2 guests, my Auntie Joy and Yvonne's sister Diane.  This worked well,  we stil made the same number of cocktails, but there were twice as many people to drink them.

We had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get Shaker to run another course - same format as before, but with different cocktails.   Eventually we gave up, and looked for alternatives.  Yvonne suggested Coxtails, which is an outfit who normally provide bar services for parties, weddings, and does corportate stuff..but they were willing to send us a Mixologist for a couple of hours to make whatever cocktails we wanted.  We decided we'd choose our cocktails in advance, and then get our own alcohol etc in - after all, if we liked the cocktail, we'd be making it again.

We booked the date.

Eventually, we went through some cocktail sites and chose the cocktails we wanted to add to our repertoire.

The shoppin glist was sent. Alcochol ordered (I suspect that the supermarket has an exclamation mark against Yvonne's delivery address now).

A 2 hour training session last Friday.  1-3.   That would give us time to have brunch to at 11.30.

All was arranged.

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