Saturday, 16 August 2014

Settling In

So the babies are settling in at the allotment.

We popped back down last night to see if they had managed to get themselves to bed.  They hadn't.  Despite being shut in the coop for a while when we moved them there,  despite the coop being identical to the one they had in the garden, they just couldn't quite connect the dots.  Or they just weren't ready to go to bed.

CharlieFarlie came running over to see me. I scooped him up and put him at the top of the ladder.  He went in.  We then spect soe time catching everyone else and putting them in the coop.    We didn't shut the pop hole. We snuck away.

We heard the clunk of  a feeder, and crept round the outside of the allotment to see what was happening.  Someone had come back out.  Then BigBird came down the ladder,  then a couple of others.

We left them to it.
The weather is OK, so it doesn't matter if they do decide to camp out for a bit.

This morning, they all looked very settled.  There was poo in the coop, so several of them had spent the night in there. Not sure they all had.

So far, the Big Girls and Henry are ignoring them.  It's not as if the Littlees have taken over land that use to belong to the Biggees.   The Littlee area is an area the BigGirls haven't had access to (apart from some of them, a couple of years ago when they were babies themselves).   

And we opened up a new area of grass for the Biggees at the same time,   to make sure they had something else to think about.

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