Monday, 25 August 2014

Cocktail Hour, Once Upon a Time

I'm not one to drink alone.  Actually, I very rarely drink....  I go through phases of having a glass of wine with my dinner, and then phases of not.   I always drink a lot of wine when I go out to dinner with my friend Yvonne.  In between - I really don't indulge.

I have no idea why.

I wanted to practise my new cocktails, especially as my pourers and bottle condoms had arrived and been washed. DH isn't around, so in the end I  had no choice but to instigate a cocktail hour.

On Friday, I tested my pouring technique, to compare counting to an actual measure.  I didn't do a bad job, but I started to wonder why I didn't just buy optics instead of pourers.  Maybe optics are too slow in a busy bar.

I digress.

I didn't drink my test measure, I poured it down the sink.   My lovely eldest stepson was doing an endurance race, and I wanted to go and see him that evening.  I'm sure one cocktail would have been OK, but I don't drink and drive. At all.

On Saturday, evening. I decided to make a Singapore Sling.  I lined up the necessary bottles,  unscrewed them and fitted them with pourers.  And I made one.

Not bad!

I couldn't bring myself to make a second one. Something about drinking alone. Slippery slopes.  That sort of thing.  I put condoms on the pourers, and left the bottles lined up. 

Afterwards I lay on the bed watching back to back episodes of Once Upon a Time. My Season 3 US DVDs had arrived a few days ago, and I couldn't wait any longer.  [Once Upon a Time is a fantastic show,  fantastic twists on traditional fairy tales,  a really gripping story. Two seasons were shown on Channel 5, but they declined the latest season.   At the end of season 2, I desperately wanted to see season 3.   The US DVDs were released on August 19th, and I ordered a set. They arrived a few days later.

I savoured them. I waited. On Saturday, I was ready to start watching.   They wouldn't play in the living room player, so I had to watch them upstairs. Amazing story telling.  Such rounded characters - no one was totally good or totally bad,  the backstories made it easy to see how each villain became a villain.  

I couldn't cocktal whilst felt decadent enough lying on the bed watching DVDs, I couldn't lie there drinking alcohol as well.

I had a break to make cook my Arancini (deep fried risotto balls) made earlier in the day, and went back to the DVDs

On Sunday, I considered making another one.  I didn't. My Once Upon a Time marathon resumed late afternoon.

Today, I lined up the bottles for my next cocktail of choice.  More Once Upon a Time in the afternoon.  At 6pm, cocktail hour,  I made my cocktail:   Long Island Iced Tea.   Rather alcoholic, rather tasty.     I was busy eating new potatoes, steamed in my Thermy, dipped in Tzatziki dip at the same time.  Not sure that's a good thing.

I've got one episode of  Once Upon a Time left.

I'm going to watch it shortly, and then I'm going to wonder how I can survive a year until Season 4 becomes available.

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