Thursday, 14 August 2014

Babies leaving home

The Littlees are now 10 weeks old, and we really do have to take them to the allotment.  They are so lovely, and get on so well, it seems a shame to move them.  In previous years we've had larger hatches, and have moved them to the allotment at about 8 weeks when the boys start crowing.

This lot have been fantastic, with no competitive crowing (yet),  and no real trouble or squabbling.   However, they need the extra space that the allotment will give them, so it's for their good that we are moving them.

DH now has daily commitments from Saturday, which we knew about but somehow they snuck up on us.   I'm out tomorrow.  So we have to get the Littlees moved pdq.

After much discussion, and looking at the weather forecast,  we decided to wait until tomorrow morning.  We can take them early, so I am back in time to go out.  They can spend the day out, and DH and I can pop down in the evening to check they manage to get themselves to bed.

I'll be doing Allotment duties (alternate days) for the subsequent 10-12 days, so i can see first hand how they are settling in.

I know they are going to love it at the allotment...but I will miss them, very much.

10 has been an excellent number.

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