Friday, 29 August 2014


It;s been a busy few days.

Eldest grandson has been staying for a few days, so we've been baking and stuff.  This time round we've made pizzas,  made home-made fishfingers,  and I showed him how to make meatballs out of good quality (in our case, our own) sausages.

He's also been making sweet things - a large batch of choc chip cookies with Thermy and me, and  a slab of chocolate and pecan brownies with Thermy and DH.    The Thermomix has been in action almost non stop.  

I whipped up a banana and white chocolate milkshake one day,  and hot chocolate for him the next.    I should probably point out that he is lucky to be a lean and lanky lad, so can easily devour this high calorie diet for the few days he's here.  Sadly the same cannot be said of me.

He and DH also made several batches of passata, which I showed him how to pasteurise using Preston, our pressure canner

And of course we've been making bread, we're still on the Millet and Rye loaves.

Outside we had a short dry spell so I mowed the grass,.  It was the first time in weeks that it's been mown.  The first few weeks it was too dry and the poor grass was stressed.  Then it rained, and rained, and rained, and the grass shot up. It's been too wet to mow for over a week.

The mower couldn't cope with it all, so it's not finished - but I had done the important bits: inside the Hen Pen, so they now have sweet grass to nibble,  and the small  area in front of the kitchen that we refer to as "the lawn".

I pruned some of the shrubs so the chicks' Cube could be rolled back in to place.  DH pruned his tomatoes, which had been going beserk in the greenhouse.  

We squeezed in a Duck Tour yesterday.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry today as there is a vague possibility that the weather may stay dry enough to enable some of it to be line dried.

I can't help feeling a beet sheepish that one of my highlights is line drying washing. 

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