Thursday, 5 June 2014

Waking up in the middle of the night

I woke up at about 2am. 

I hadn't shut the pophole to the Girls' Run.

I listened. Had I been woken up by a fox rampaging?  Not as far as I could tell.   I told myself to get out of bed and go out and shut the pophole.

A little voice said "it's not likely to happen really"

Then it said "It's already 2am. The pophole opens at 5 anyway. It's not worth it".

I lay there, snug in my bed.  Another voice said "and how are you going to feel about your snug bed if you get up in the morning and find them all dead.  You'll realise then that it wasn't worth the risk".

I thought about the Girls, especially loopy Lotti, and Poppy who has sat tight on an empty nst for 3 weeks now.

I got up. 

I found my dressing gown, and I padded downstairs. I didn't turn the lights on, I still managed to unlock the back door.   I padded across the grass,  with the arden lit up by our PIR light.  I hoped the neighbours weren't disturbed.

I got to the Run and, very carefully so as not to make a noise, I slid the top bolt, and released the kickbolt.  

The pop hole was shut.

I forgot it was set to shut automatically.  I vaguely remembered setting it to close when it was dark, but I hadn't calibrated the sensor and it hadn't worked.  It didn't matter as I always (apart from tonight) shut the Girls in myself.

Obviously it had got dark enough.

Back to bed.

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