Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Growth spurt

The chicks are coming up to two weeks old and I swear that letting the out on the grass yesterday resulted in a growth spurt.

I took a quick pic with my phone, not great for detail. Hopefully you can see how much their wing feathers have grown.  The yellow chicks have green legs, which is fab, Hope they stay that colour.

They were out on the grass again today.  While they were frolicking, we made the pen in the shed bigger. It's now oval. Not only does it give them more room to run around in, but it also gives them an area even further away from the lamp if they want to use it. 

They're back in the shed now, and running around like loonies.

We've detached the purple cube from the Big Girls run, and DH is currently joining it up the 1m bit that has been acting as a temporary outside chick pen.  

Of course the chicks are too small for the Cube, they won't even be able to fly up to the bottom step of the ladder (ha ha, famous last words I bet!).   It's still worth doing because it will give the chicks 3m of fox and kestrel proof run, plus a covered area.  

We'll put the Electric Hen on the ground too, so they have that if they need it.

Hope it's good weather tomorrow.

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