Saturday, 7 June 2014

Go Up

Some time ago Omlet launched a new run set up for their cheaper "Go" coop called a "Go Up"  We already had a Go, it's great for chicks (until they are old enough to climb into the Cube),  and it's been good as a shelter for Tilda.

I liked the design of the Up, but I couldn't really see Tilda managing to go upstairs.  Then Tilda started exploring the house, and then Omlet had a 10% discount day to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I;m working at the moment, so if I'm going to spend money on unnecessaries,  now is probably the time.

So, the Go is now a Go Up. We've modified the ladder to make a ramp for Tilda. Of course this means it's not suitable for tiny chicks anymore. 

Tilda has been shut in the run when we go out, if the weather is OK.  We haven't got her to try climbing the ladder yet.

We've also used two of the original Go Run panels, which had doors in, in place of two of the Go Up sides.  Because of the design differences, it means that we have a doubling up of skirt in a couple of places, but I don't think that's a problem. 

Of course, this didn't take into account the cats' unshakable belief that...
 So we weren't to surprised to see someone else having a snooze in there..

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