Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting back to normal

The poxy spots have, mostly, gone.    At the beginning of the week, I was completely lethargic and unable to muster the enthusiasm to do anything.

Now, I'm getting back to normal.

I picked the strawberries that I couldn't summon the energy to collect whilst I was ill.    I didn't feel like making jam and I already have alot of strawberry jam in my cupboard.    I decided to make some strawberry vodka,  so I've started that off.  It'll be some time before it's ready to drink, but I'm thinking a bit of strawberriness in the autumn will be very welcome.

I made a strawberry and polenta cake.  I wasn't sure whether to use fine or coarse polenta, so I used a bit of each.   I think fine would have been better because the resulting cake, whilst delicious, is a teeny-tiny bit gritty.  I'm finding it very hard to resist though, which isn't doing my gut bacteria any good.    Gosh, I think I might have to go and eat some now...

I'm ready to strip and re-protect the Karndean in my living room.  Of course the days and days of dry hot weather have now been replaced by rain,  so it will have to wait.  (We have to move some of the furniture outside for me to do it, there isn't enough room in the rest of the house to sensibly put it all).    I hope that I can maintain the enthusiasm until the weather changes back.    The actual stripping and re-protecting doesn't take that long,  it's the emptying of the cupboards and dismantling all the TV paraphernalia (and putting it back to gether again) that takes the time.

I can feel myself trying to work out whether I could do any of the other Karndean floors at the same time....

Our plans to enlarge one of the sheds took a different turn.  We've now pretty much decided to get a "summerhouse" of some sort for the garden.   My new kitchen will have to wait for another year or so, but that's OK; I haven't found the kitchen I want yet.  I haven't looked at kitchens for ages.

We had our first barbeque of the year yesterday.  It was delicious.  We had to eat inside, as the rain started just as DH finished cooking.  Again - all that sunny weather....

I haven't used the cross trainer since I was unwell before my chicken pox.  I don't feel ready to get back on it yet. 

The chicks are now just over 3 weeks old. They are feathering up beautifully and getting bigger, slowly.  They've been out all day, every day whilst it's been sunny and dry.    Today, the rain means that they aren't going to get out of the shed, and the forecast isn't looking good for the next few days either. 

Poppy continues to be broody. She comes out every day for a dust bath, a poo, and something to eat. And I sneak some treats in for her.

Tilda is out every day.

No fits from Izzy for a couple of weeks (bet that's tempted fate).

I'm not quite raring to go... but I'm getting there. 

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