Sunday, 1 June 2014

Serves me right

We have the beginnings of a plague of pigeons.

It started with Fat Pigeon (the bird who is so fat that he makes the fence wobble when he lands on it).  Then we had Mrs Fat Pigeon.     Then we had the Little Fat Pigeons.   And now we have two collared doves. 

They are becming a nuisance. The bird feeders are protected, but they hang around looking for cast offs. They scare the small birds away/ They sit on the garden furniture pooping everywhere.
They aren't scared of us.  If we go out, they move about 3 yards then stop. They've even come into the kitchen.

The cats have tried to catch them, but without success.

And now they are getting in the Girl's run.  They have learned where the little door is.

I don't know how you stop them.  I mean, I know we could shoot them, but I don't think we're good enough shots to be sure of a clean kill.

Today I spotted one in the Run.  I went out, and closed the pop hole.  Pigeon was now trapped.

I wasn't really sure what to do.  I suppose I could have caught it know.   But I couldn't.

I went and got Wash.  I thought that if I shut him in the Run with the pigeon.....  I was planning to go and get Izzy as well.

Unfortunately,  Pigeon (it wasn't Fat Pigeon) outsmarted me.

When I opened the big door to put Wash in, he flew out and past me, brushing my head with his wing.  Wash leapt out of my arms in panic, tearing my favourite tee shirt and scratching my stomach nd chest as he did so.

I guess that serves me right.  I'm sure Pigeon thinks so.

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