Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer continues

Another hot, clear blue sky, day.

The chicks have been out since about 10am, slightly later than yesterday.  They've learnt to scratch around in the dust bath, but none of them has used it for dustbathing. Yet.  Mind you, they aren't rubbing themselves on the grass yet, so maybe their feathers haven't started itching.

I cleaned them out again today.  Although their shed brooder is very large now,  and they aren't in there that much,  they are pooing more when they are in there.    

My chicken pox spots are slowly receding.  My arms now only have a few spots, and I was able to scrub my arms today.   The spots on my chest, torso, neck, and face are smaller.   The ones under my arm haven't changed.  My scalp spots are mainly gone, but that was (I'm a little  ashamed to say) with help from me. 
I'm still feeling lethargic. I just CBA.   Today is the last day of my course of antibiotics.

DH and my two brothers had a day at Wacky Racing ( on Saturday.   I wasn't able to go, still being infectious.   I phoned them last Monday, as soon as I knew I had chicken pox, but it wasn't possible to rearrange the date at such short notice.    Sounds like they had a good time :-)


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