Friday, 13 June 2014

Under the weather

Me this time.

Yesterday, I suddenly came down with a serious bout of aches and pains.

It felt like flu aches;  the sort of aches in my stomach, sides, and kidneys that indicate a chill,  or kidney infection, or food poisoning.    I wasn't having any additional discomfort going to the loo, so I ruled out the kidnesy infection.   I couldn't see how I would have caught a chill or the flu...

It got worse as the day progressed.  I had a bath to try and relax my muscles.  This in istelf was a bit of an achievement as everything hurt too much to actually get *in* the damned bath.   

It occurred to me that I might just be dehydrated, I definitely hadn't been drinking a lot over the last few days.  I made myself drink a pint of water,  and I took a small mug of hot milk to bed.

It was an eventful night.   The cats brought in a friend (= "the cats brought in a mouse"). I was pretty sure it was a mouse, but it might  have been Izzy having a fit, so I had to get up and investigate.  By the time I had shuffled downstairs, it was too late to help.

I woke up, still in pain, at about 5am.  Lotti, our loopy chicken, was making a racket, but I couldn't get up to see what was going on.

I dozed on and off until about 7, when I got up to feed the cats and make a cup of tea. I drank another glass of water.   This time, I took some Ibuprofen in the hope it would help my muscles relax a bit.

I checked on the chicks, and went back to bed.

At 10am, my phone alarm went off. I got up and got Izzy her cheese and tablet.   I made a coffee, and forced myself to eat some toast.  I wasn't aching so much, so the Ibuprofen was working or I was getting better.   I checked on the chicks, turned the lamp down a bit,  went back to bed.

At 12.00 I had a work related phone call.   I dealt with that,  had another pint of water,  checked the chicks.  I gave them their fresh water, and a fresh feeder of feed.  The Girls needed some more feed too, so I did that. And I got fresh water for them.  I was starting to ache again, so I took more Ibuprofen.

Matilda had hidden herself under a kitchen cabinet. I got her out and made her drink, gave her some food.  I remembered that she needed a bit of  a bath, so I did that too.  Then, while I had some chicken water (and I was going to have to Milton the sink anyway), I went out and caught Custard and did her too.  She is brick shaped and seems incapable of missing her drawers.   She did need doing, so I was glad I did it.

I cleaned up, then  refilled the sinks with water and Milton.  I'm typing this while I'm waiting for the Milton to work.

Then I'm going back to bed.

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