Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Poxy update

Today the spots really do  look like chicken pox spots.

Cooler weather and the antivirals (so lucky I was able to get to the Doctor when I did, any later and it would have been too late) have combined to take out the swelling and the redness, and reduce the spread.   Quite a few new spots yesterday, but not as many as I would have had.

In the shower, I'm desperate to scrub - but I can't. It would be the equivalent of scratching.

After my shower, with some of the calamine lotion removed (the rest won't come off until I can rub), I'm amazed at how reduced the spots actually are.  Pale pink imitations of their former selves.

I'm very tired, and I have a headache. 

I might go back to bed later.

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