Sunday, 24 November 2013

Upstairs, downstairs

Izzy had another fit this morning.

I was already awake, the radio alarm went off at 7.  I heard the noise and realised what it was. I grabbed the videocamera on my way downstairs.

Izzy was fitting at the bottom of the stairs.  I talked to her and stroked her (whilst filming her), and waited until the fit stopped before turning off the camera.   It took her a minute or two to come back after the fit stopped, and I went to get some kiytchen towel to clean her up. 

When she was back with us, I gave her some cat food. As usual, she was ravenous. She ate two packets (fed half a packet at a time0, and would have eaten more if I'd given it to her.

While she ate, I cleaned up the hall floor. Thank goodness for solid flooring.

Later, I went back upstairs...and noticed some cat pee on the second step.   I realised that poor Izzy must have started her fit at the top of the stairs and then fallen down to the bottom whilst having her spasms.

I checked her over. She looks OK.  She's spent most of the day sleeping.

Poor little poppet.

The recording was rubbish - not enough light.  So I'll have to remember yo tuen the lights on next time.

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