Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fits and cobwebs

A helicopter flew over our house in the night, waking me up.
Isobel, our cat, had another fit last night. Actually, it was 6.30 this morning, which was better than the usual.   Unusually, DH heard it first, and it was DH getting out of bed that woke me up.

I got out of bed, grabbed my dressing gown, and grabbed the vide camera which we keep upstairs ready to capture a fit for the vet.  By the time I'd opened the flap and found the record button (which was surprisingly difficult when I wasn't really awake) the main fit was over and it wasn't worth recording the denoument.   Turns out the battery was dead as well, so I've put that on to recharge now.

It took her a while to come back to us and, as usual, when she did she was ravenous.  She had a whole packet of cat food in two goes. I fed her, while DH cleared up.  Then we all went back to bed.   It took ages for me to go back to any sort of sleep, and then I dozed until about 9.30am.   When I got up, my head felt full of cobwebs.

Outside, it was a gorgeous sunndy day.  I opened the french window in the kitchen and brought Tildy in for a snackerel, and  I left the door open to air the house.  (The cider from the most recent batch  has reached the smelly stage).   I also opened the french windows in the living room, and I'm tempted to open the front windows too, especially as I am in the living room.

There, I've just done it.

The change in air pressure was a bit startling, like when blocked ears suddenly clear.

Speaking of cobwebs, we've got quite a few rather dirty ones hanging around now.   I like to be a spider friendly house, and I don't really mind cobwebs as such... but these are looking a bit grim, so I thnk I'll have to go and clear them away.

I'll greab a few lungfuls of fresh air first, and then I'll be literally and metaphorically clearing the cobwebs.


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