Friday, 15 November 2013


It's been a week of gorgeous weather.    Very cold, but very bright and sunny.

The low sun comes streaming in through our south facing windows, and shows up all the dust. And smears. And cobwebs.   I've been round and cleaned, but it's just impossible.

Still, I'd rather have that that have a north facing back garden, so I shall stop complaining.

Teh dry-ish weather gave DH an opportunity to put away the temporarily dry garden furniture.  The garden is looking very bare now,  and the terrace, which is only in full sun at the height of the summer, already has lots of green algae growing over it.  I expect it will spread completely over the coming months.

The Girls are going to bed earlier, and I'm having to make sure they get plenty of corn at about 3pm to keep them warm.  They are still moulting.    It'll be porridge time soon.

The chicken coop is still waiting to have the vents put in. We really must get on with it.

And I must get on and do something with the quinces.

The forecast for next week is rain, and that's not so much fun.

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