Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Time to deal with the quinces.

First priority - Quince Vodka.  Second - Quince Jelly.

I weighed the quinces and set aside enough for the jelly, and then calculated how much vodka I needed to deal with the remaining quinces.

This year I thought I'd try Suzy Atkin's recipe. I've made a few things from her book How To Make Your Own Drinks, ad been happy wiith them.   It's a simpler recipe than I've used previously, so I hope it'll be OK.   

Wth two such great ingredients (quince, and vodka) I guess it's difficult for it not  to taste OK.

Of course I couldn't find a jar the right size. 

Anyway, I ended up using the most enormous (3 litre) jar,  a present from frieds S&K some time ago. With hindsight, I coulda/shoulda used several smaller jars, and then I wouldn't have had to mix the two brands of vodka.   Or I could have tried two recipes.

And with even more hindsight, I've just realised that I do have a jar  that would have been the correct size. It's  sitting in the fridge with dried fruit stewing in alcohol for an extra cake I'm making.I've only just remembered it (the jar, not the fact that I have fruit in the fridge). 

Oh well. It's sitting on the worktop, in a bit away from sunlight, so that I can agitate it daily for two weeks, then it'll go into the utility room for 4 weeks (or until I remember it again).

Next up will be quince jelly, but that might need to wait until tomorrow when my grocery delivery (containing lemons) arrives.

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