Saturday, 9 November 2013

Orla, again

I loved Orla.

She was easy to play,  sounded fantastic,  had an incredible sound.... 

I wondered if I should have gone for another model.  At the time, I didn't really think I'd play her much, I just wanted something instead of my C55.   Orla was about as much as I could spend on something that was a bit of a whim and might not get used.

But Orla was getting used, played all the time.    I wondered if I should have spent more money and got something even better.   I looked around.   I found what the next few models up were called, and what they were like.

I emailed Orla Direct to find out more about the differences, and what I could expect to pay.    Turns out they had a DLX2 available, and would do a swap allowing me full part exchange on what I had paid for Orla originally.

I thought about it.  For quite a long time.

And then I decided to do it. 

And so the men came again, took Orla away and left me with another Orla.  Outwardly, she looks the same.  A few small differences.     A few more differences in the sounds available.

Work and family happened, and I hardly played Orla at all. 

She sat in the smallest bedroom, which we now - tongue in cheek - call "The Music Room".   She sat, barely played, for about a month.

Until yesterday, and again today.   I played her for hours!

DH was out, so didn't have to put up with it.

She's lovely.   
In fact, I'm going back to play her some more now.

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