Saturday, 9 November 2013


A month or so ago I had a fit of decluttering, and sold lots of back-of-the-cupboard items to help pay for my Orla (did I mention my Orla? I don't think I did, I'll post separately).

Then family and work happened, and I haven't done much.

Work is in hiatus, so I was trying to tidy up in the aftermath.  I spent a few hours yesterday accidentally clearing out my desk area.  It doesn't look any different outside, but it's much tidier and emptier inside.  ]

Today, in the search to find Magic Tape to help me wrap Christmas Puds,  I ended up clearing out the over-stairs cupboard in the smallest bedroom.  

It took a couple of hours.   A man on a galloping horse (or my DH) wouldn't notice anything different.  However, I have got a small pile of stuff to Ebay,  the paper-recycling bin is full,  and I have an enormous stack of old work papers that I'll burn on the stove.   

Looking at the stacks of stuff I've removed,  and looking back at the cupboard,  I can't quite see where it all came from. It certainly wouldn't fit in again.

I didn't find the spare magic tape.   

I think I might buy some more.  I've had enough decluttering for now, thank you.

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