Saturday, 9 November 2013


I've gad a quick flick back through my posts, and I can see that I mentioned saying goodby to my Yamaha C55.

I'd bought an Orla GT 9000 LX.   

It scared me.

The chap who delivered gave me a very detailed introduction, and left me with a manual and a DVD.  My brother, who was there to help shuft the old organ,  and I sat and pressed keys for about two hours.  We couldn't stop figgling at how clever Orla was.

Over the next week, I played Orla every day.  I bought new music books, more suited to her.  I played, with relative ease, songs I had never played before.   I played for hours.

I loved Orla.
I started to watch the DVD.  I tried out new things on Orla.  I learned to understand her  little more.

And then I decided to send her back.

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