Sunday, 17 November 2013

No blood shed yet

It was a lovely day yesterday. Cold, sure, but sunny and bright.  DH phoned to say that he was going to take away the fence separating Henry & Harem, and the Old Girls. 

We still have to replace the Old Girls coop, and had been waiting until that was done before mingling the two flocks... but the weather is due to turn nasty, so DH was thinking he'd let them mingle anyway. 

Henry is a really lovely Boy, and he's very considerate with his ladies.  I wondered if the sudden addition of 6 old girls might be a bit much for him. I wasn't sure what they would think of having a young man suddenly in their midst.

They seemed to mingle OK. Fortunately the allotment is big enough that they can keep out of each others way if they want to. 

OC (Other Chap) reported that there was "no bloodshed" this morning, and Henry had been burbling away.

I imagine there will only be problems if one group decides to occupy the other group's housing, without permission.

We might try putting a camera up to record what happens at bedtime.

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