Monday, 18 November 2013

This little piggy...

We are collecting a half pig at the beginning of December.  We haven't finished the last half pig yet, but it'll be a few more months before Shirley has another one ready.

We've still got a few pork joints in the freezer and, with it being winter and therefore cool/cold outside, we thought it was an ideal time to try a bit more curing.  As well as the usual bacon and lardons, we'll do some small hams - including (hopefully) a dry cured one -  and we're going to have another bash at salami.

We're pretty much out of everything - curing salts,  sausage skins, etc - and we've managed to get our order in with Weschenfelder in plenty of time, instead of at the last minute. In all the time we've been doing this (inlucding all the time we were making susages etc before we were getting the pork from Shirley), I think this is the first time we've managed to place an order in good time.

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