Thursday, 11 August 2011

What happened next

So, DH went out, and would be visiting the allotment on his way back.  If she had been pecked again, DH was to bring the injured chicken plus any of her sisters home.

Phone call sometime later to let me know that he was on his way home with 2 chickens.

Fortunately we the Cube which we use for the chicks was still assembled with 1 metre of run in front of it (the 2nd metre was packed away).  What's even more fortunate is that we had been sorting out our shed that afternoon and had sorted out all the spare run bits, so I could lay my hands on the front panel very quickly.   I also sorted out a couple of feeders, a drinker, and a treat block.

The hens were sitting quietly in a box while we got everything ready. The cut on the injured girlie was a lot worse, so I treated it again.   The Big Girls were not happy.  They were very very not happy whe the spare Cube rolled into place next to their run.  They were beside themselves when they realised there were chooks moving in next door.

The two visiting girls settled in very quickly.  I wondered if they recognised the Cube as the place they had lived just 10 weeks ago.    They managed to put themselves to bed, so maybe they do.

Lots of noise this morning from the Big Girls.

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