Monday, 15 August 2011

Other business as usual

Ran out of butter over the weekend and had to buy some. First time in, literally, years.

This morning I turned 8 litres of double cream into a lot of butter.  I didn't think to weigh it. Butter now in freezer, and everything is cleared up.   It's much harder making butter when its hot, very hard to get properly cold water out of the tap. In the end I had to put some jugs of water into the freezer, and use those for final rinsing.   Note to self Make bigger batches of butter before summer so I don't have to make it when weather is hot.   Or, if stocks are low,  make butter when weather less good - and don't run out.

We're having another half pig from Shirley in September.   I've been looking at what we did last time, and I've been starting to make a list ("more mince", "less loin of pork", "fewer pork chops - make bacon instead?").   As a result of looking at what we have left in the freezer, I'm having brawn for my dinner, along with Focaccia (that's proving as I type) and the cottage cheese we made on Saturday.  DH is having one of the many pork loin chops.

I need to watch the video I took, to see if we will be able to do the butchering (not the slaughtering!)  ourselves this time.


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