Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cob on

We ended up with a reasonably large number of Corn on the Cob plants this year, and most of the plants had 2 cobs on.   

One fantastic thing about growing your own CotC is that you can eat it, raw, straight from the plant.  It is DELICIOUS.    Don't try it with shop-bought fresh cobs though - the sugars start to turn to starch as soon as the cob is picked, and the window for eating it raw is very short.

I've also been grilling cobs.  Turn your grill as high as it will go, and leave it for a length of time to get reall, really hot.   Put a bit of olive oil on the cobs,  maybe a bit of salt/pepper, then stick under the grill, really really close.  Turn them as they start to colour - a few kernels will go black and some will pop. When you've cooked it all the way around,  serve with butter.  

We still have lots of corn left, so the other day I tried blanching and freezing some.  A few days later, I tried some of my frozen cobs (defrosting them first), and they were great.

So today, I picked almost all the remaining corn cobs. I then  blanched them in batches according to size,  plunging each blanched batch into iced water*, dried them, put them in the fridge to finish cooling (they really hold the heat!), then I bagged them and froze them.   I haven't counted them, but there are a lot.  DH doesn't indulge, so it looks like I'll have lots of summery corn to brighten up the winter!

*I ended up having to stick jugs of water in the freezer to use. And I used my ice packs.  And my therma med thing for my back.  And any bagged ice cubes we had.  I had no idea they would take so much effort to cool down!

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