Sunday, 28 August 2011

MIni Scotch Eggs

I tried one of each, and the flour-and-egged scotch eggs were infinitely better than the ones just rolled in breadcrumbs.

Both of them fell apart as I ate them, but that could be because they'd only been out of the overn for about 2 minutes before I started to try them.

I've got the 2 remaining ones cooling now. I'll try them when they are cold.

Despite being small eggs,  the finished scotch eggs are still much bigger than the M&S party eggs I'd been modelling them on.  I wonder if I could have compressed the eggs a bit while they were still warm? Right when I shelled them, I mean. Hmm. I have a meatball utensil, maybe it's worth giving that a go?

Also, if I use cling film to flatten the sausagemeat, maybe I can get it thinner?  I used my hands (wetted first so that the sausagemeat didn't stick) to press it thin and then rolled the egg up in it.  

I'm sure deep frying would give the best taste of all, but I'm trying to go for a healthier option. 

If the little girls lay weeny eggs in the next day or two, I'll definitely make some for the FG (Family Gathering).   It's no good using really fresh eggs as the hard boiled eggs fall apart when shelled if too fresh. 

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