Sunday, 7 August 2011

Unexpected loss

Bit of a shock at the allotment today - one of the youngsters was dead. 

S/he was one that we initially thought was a hen, had a very small comb etc..but lately we had begun to think she was a cockerel in hiding.  Big legs,  cockerel-ish feathering around the neck,  colouring more like the cockerels than the hens.

We checked him/her over carefully, to see if we could find any obvious cause. There wasn't any.  At least we know s/he wasn't bullied or pecked, but it does mean we have no idea.  No signs of anything.

I'm thinking it may have just been the heat was too much? They do have plenty of shade, and lots of fresh water, but the weather has been far too hot lately.    

Of course we'll be keeping an even closer eye on everyone else, looking for symptoms of anything untoward.

Very sad.  I know s/he had a lovely (if short) life,  and that s/he would have ended up on the table at some point anyway - but it still makes me sad to see a life cut short.

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