Friday, 12 August 2011

Ouchy update

So, Ouch and her little friend have been in the spare Cube since Thursday evening. Tehy spent a hapy enough day yesterday munching fresh grass, and eating the various treats we gave them.    Last night,  I noticed that Little Friend gave Ouch a darned good peck on the back of the head.

So, first thing this morning, DH was dispatched (despatched? I can't remember which is correct) to our ffriendly neighbourhood horsey place to by some anti peck spray.   It said "wear gloves", and I am soooo glad he did.  It smells like...well, like tar I suppose.

We're hoping that with this new parfum de tar, Ouch's head will not seem so appealing.  If it works, then we can get the two of them back to the allotment.  Before I get attached to them.

By the way, Ouch laid 2 soft shelled eggs.  She's far too young to be getting her egg laying tackle ready. 

And this evening, I shut the Big Girls in their run and let the two young girls out for a bit. They don't need the space, but I thought they might want to have a rook around in some dirt, or have a dust bath. 

Attached? Of course not.

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