Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cheeky girls

My turn to do the Allotmenteers yesterday and today.

This morning, 3 of the young Girls were in with the Boys.  Couldn't see how they managed it as the fencing is secure.  They had to get over their fence into no-hens-land, and then over the fence into the Boys area.     Two of them were desperate to get back in with the Girls and were easy to catch;  one Girl didn't really want to be caught, thank you very much.  I'm not overly bothered if the Girls want to be stupid enough to go in with the Boys, that's their choice. What I want to make sure doesn't happen is that one of the Boys gets in with the Girls.

Found a small egg on the ground in the Girls pen.   At first I assumed that one of the inexperienced Girls had got caught short... but then I found a smashed egg near the ladder to their nest boxes,  and another one in the Big Girls pen.  Looks like the thieving magpies are at it again.

The rollaway nestbox had an egg sitting on the shelf, upright.  I saw one of the girls in there yesterday with her bottom wedged firmly in the corner, so I guess it was hers.   When I reached in to get it, I noticed that the rollaway part of the nestbox was jammed with bedding.  I hoiked it all out, so hopefully the eggs will be able to roll away from now on, and the magpies won't be able to get them.

Looks like I'll have to start moving the Girls on to layers pellets soon.  I would guess that half of them are laying now, and it'll be some months before they are culled (the Boys go first).   They will be 20 weeks old on Monday, so I'll start switching them over then.

The Boys were well behaved;  three of the Big Girls are broody, 2 of them in one next box (we have 8 nestboxes for 6 girls, so they really don't have to double up).

They were all delighted to have yet more apples to eat.

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