Saturday, 13 August 2011

Bit of a spurt

D(S)D and family came to stay last night.  Always great to see them, the children are lovely and even the youngest DGC (darling grandchild) is now old enough to have a conversation with. (=I can understand what she is saying, which is a big step forward).
They are all really good natured happy children, so when we get the inevitable over-tired tears, I don't mind.
Anyway. Late night last night,  very busy morning this morning.  Breakfast in shifts,  games with the little GCs (which involved me getting out a play set which can be used as a swingball or a volleyball net or a badminton net,  and attempting to teach two inexperienced children to get a shuttlecock over it,  DH taking eldest GC to the allotment to see the chooks..etc, etc. 

Anyway, they left just before lunch, and I was thinking about having a nap this afternoon to catch up on my sleep.   Not quite sure what happened, but suddenly we've:
  • Canned (heat processed) the latest batch of tomato passata
  • picked dozens of corn cobs, stripped them, blanched them, chilled them, put them in to freeze 
  • stripped and eaten the sugarsnap peas while I was picking the corn
  • picked chillies, prepped them, put them in to freeze 
  • made (well, making as I type) 4 pints-of-milk's-worth of cottage cheese 
  • ordered a load of bread flour to top up our supplies 
  • inspected Ouch's head and attempted to soak off the dried bits of powder an and purple spray (she didn't like that too much) 
  • put Ouch and her sister on one of our flower beds so they could have a rook around and dust bathe,  and watched them for half an hour while they did so, to make sure they didn't (a) wander off, (b) eat my lettuces, (c) eat the polystyrene container which the lettuces are growing in, (d) get attacked by the Big Girls
Just starting to clear up now.

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  1. Sounds like you are deserving of a nice long nap! Wow, what a busy day.