Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Too cold

We're in that small disgonal strip across the South East which, so far, hasn't had much snow to speak of.

It's still bitter outside.

Had to have the heating on during the day for the last two days, which is very unusual.  Even extra layers weren't keeping us warm, especially extremities like fingers and noses.

On the allotment, DH has had to start putting a special protective ointment on Roo's magnificent comb.  Vaseline works, but we use something called Comb & Wattle Balm which I bought a while ago from the Longcroft Soap company (website unavailable at the moment, else I'd post a link).

Roo wasn't too happy about the indignity of being balmed,  but he got over it.

Meanwhile, the Laydees are refusing to come out of their coop.   In the Garden, the Girls are venturing out for a wander, and then congregating somewhere. Currently "somewhere" is in the middle of the fruit cage. I imagine the bushes and the edging give them shelter (although we have put sides up round their run as well.

Unusual to see them all so close together and so still!

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