Saturday, 18 December 2010

For goodness sake!

So, it's been snowing, and I've left the chooks shut in the walk in run. This morning, first thing, they had porridge.

I went out a while ago to check the water hadn't refrozen,  picked the ice out, and topped it up.  I also emptied some feeders and refilled them, saving the slightly stale pellets to make evening porridge.

I've just taken their "evening" porridge out to them, and I saw that Custard (Sasso) had a few pooey rocks clinging to her drawers.  I decided that they needed removing, as they couldn't be comfortable. Normally I use cotton wool and warm water for small clusters,  and I put the girl in a sink of warm water if it's really bad.  It was too cold for a bath today, so I decided to use baby wipes.

Came in, got my baby wipes, put on my disposable gloves, and went out. Caught Custard, started to work on her knickers.  I managed to drop a wetwipe, and before I could bend down to get it, Daisy had run off with it.

She was running around the run - the bit that isn't walk-in - with this blooming wet wip hanging from her beak. Every few seconds she stopped, and pecked it, and the others (except Custard, who was still under my arm, and Tilda who was stuck on a shelf) were gathered round trying to steal the prize. Then she'd snatch it up again, run around, and repeat.

I carried on sorting out Custard, whilst keeping my eyes glued on Daisy and the damned wet wipe.  She didn't seem to be eating it (thank heavens it wasn't cotton wool!) but I could see that she was pecking it.   

Eventually, I went to get a bamboo cane,  threw corn around like confetti, and waited for Daisy to drop it. As soon as she had, I used the bamboo cane to drag it along the floor of the not-walk-in run.     

The movement caused a great deal of interest, and the rest of the Ladies stopped their corn foraging and came to watch.  

Fortunatelty I managed to grab it, just as Daisy launched her beak at it.

For goodness sake!

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