Sunday, 26 December 2010

Building the beehive

DH makes me smile.

The beehives (and other bee bits) arrived, beautifully packed into a large box, on Christmas Eve.   DH wanted to unpack.  I wasn't sure this was a good idea: it was just before Christmas, we had people coming, and it seemed to me that two beehives (and other bee bits) packed neatly into one box was less trouble than two beehives (and other bee bits) unpacked.

The box was too heavy (alledgedly) to carry upstairs.  I offered to help, but apparently this wasn't a good idea.  DH suggested unpacking it, carrying the stuff upstairs,  and then packing it up again.  I wasn't sure this was a good idea: in my experience of unpacking well-packed boxes, it's usually impossible to repack them. Even with photos taken.

DH suggested that unpacking them and then partially building them would be a good idea, as they woudn't take up much space that wayl the frames could go inside the boxes and supers,  they would be easier to move than a heavy box or lots of unboxed bits.  

Realising that this was not going to end until the box was unpacked, I agreed.  DH unpacked everything.

Sometime later, DH came downstairs and suggested that it might be a good idea to start glueing the bits of hive that needed gluieng. Just to the point where they needed painting, of course.  Apparently, if he was making them up to store them, he might as well be glueing them.

He glued them.

Next it was the paint.  DH suggested we might as well get the paint. Or at least choose the colour.    He chose the colour, I agreed to it. Having chosen the colour, apparently we might as well get it.  Just so we had it ready, for when it was time to paint them.  

We got the paint.

Now that we had the paint, and the hives were partially glued, we might as well paint them. Then he could finish the glueing.

Here's a partially glued super... partially painted...

Isabelle decided to inspect before painting...

...and then Washburn decided to check the quality of the paint job..

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