Saturday, 18 December 2010


Like so many other parts of the country, it's snowing. Heavily.

DH got a taxi back from the pub yesterday, so this morning I tookl him to get his car, just as the snow started.  The 7 mile journey was slow, but OK.  He was going on from there to get new tyres fitted.

I stopped at the local cake decorating shop, to pick up a box and board for an impromptu cake I'm making for my niece today (assuming that the snow doesn't prevent us from getting together).   When I came out, my car was covered with snow and the snow on the roads was starting to turn black.

I had less than a quarter tank of petrol, and I debated whether to go straight home, or whether to fill up.  I decided that once I got home I wouldn't be going anywhere,  so it might be best to fill up whilst out.    This was a good decision, but by the time I left the nearest petrol station,  the roads were in a really bad state. (FOr our part of the country, which doesn't deal well with snow).

I crawled home at about 10 miles per hour.  There was a car in front of me for part of the journey, and every time s/he braked, the back end slid across the road.  I went for the engine braking method - kept a looooong way behind, and took my foot off the accelerator way, way, way before I needed to slow down.

Eventually I got home.   Checked on the chooks, put some corn in their run and saw a snow mound from the end of the run which isn't panelled off.  Found some stuff in the shed and temporarily wedged it against the end of the run.  Emptied the poo trays so that the frozen poo wouldn't act like ice blocks.  CHecked the water hadn't refrozen, and locked the girls in the run.

The snow is falling really thickly now, big flakes, straight down.  DH is still out, hope he gets back soon and safely.

One good thing.  Hopefully in a day or two  I'll be able to get some pics of chooks in the snow, to use on Christmas Cards for next year.

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