Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Pogo has disappeared

DH just phoned me from the Allotment. One of our Laydees-who-Lay, Pogo, has disappeared.  No signes of a struggle inside out Hen Pen, but feathers some distance away.

Poor little girl. She and her sistwers were the first chicks we raised ourselves, and from our own eggs. She was the girl who had an injured leg last year, and who we carefuly nurtured back to full health.  So very sad.

We don't know if something got in to the pen and got her,  or whether she managed to fly out and was got that way.   The hen pen is surrounded by Heras fencing, which is partially buried.  And the Heras fencing is surrounded by working electric fencing.    It was unlikely to be a fox, as no one else was taken and there was no carnage.

I hope the end was quick for her.

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